Meraki API - Postman

Meraki API & Postman

I have created a short video, and showing you how easily you can use Meraki API with Postman by using API keys. Get Postman Download Meraki Dashboard API Generate new API access – API keys via Meraki Dashboard X-Cisco-Meraki-API-Key = API keys baseUrl = Watch Video    

Ansible to backup Cisco devices

Ansible playbook to backup Cisco R/S

A very simple and easy Ansible playbook to backup (running-config), on any Cisco Router/Switch devices, and save it with hostname and IP-Address as .cfg Create an empty YAML file and name it backup.yaml with below codes: — – name: Backup Cisco Switches or Router hosts: Cisco connection: local tasks: – name: Collect all facts from…

Start Cisco from A-Z

I am always searched to find the best place to learn Cisco networking in very simple and easy way. Realy, I tested many online learning website free and paid. Finally I found that the was the best of all i used. Even, Rene Molenaar is my favorite person when become Cisco learning, but the…