Grafana Cloud & MySQL

If you don’t know what is Grafana klikk here. My video showing you how you can easily create your own dashboard by getting data via MySQL, without installing Grafana. Also showing you how you can edit, change visualization and some cool settings. Create a free trail Grafana Cloud Input MySQL login information into Grafana Data…

Meraki API - Postman

Meraki API & Postman

I have created a short video, and showing you how easily you can use Meraki API with Postman by using API keys. Get Postman Download Meraki Dashboard API Generate new API access – API keys via Meraki Dashboard X-Cisco-Meraki-API-Key = API keys baseUrl = Watch Video    

Cisco DevNet Associate

To starting network automation, DevNet certificate ((200-901 DEVASC) is the right way to go. I started reading and lab by following online certification training courses from Total there is 340/26 hours videos (short and long). I paid only $59.00 for one month and did all courses and videos. May be next will be you?…